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Medicinal & Culinary Herbal Garden Tour Adventure

Step into a magical world of herbs and flowers at Heidi's Tea House. You won't find totally manicured garden beds but instead a wonderful intentional wildness to Heidi's gardens. This woman knows plants. She used to own an herbal store on Martha's Vineyard Island and lovingly incorporates them into her every day life. The plants look happy, as though they are smiling. It smells fresh, clean, and beautifully aromatic-especially in her apothecary loaded with all kinds of herbs, teas, tinctures, balms, essential oils and flower essences. It feels like you are stepping back in time to visit a wise woman's healing space.

"Heidi's knowledge and respect in and of herbs is immense.  Her delivery is entertaining and fun and her enthusiasm contagious. She loves to make the benefits of the plants that are under your feet and at your fingertips known; and offers easy ways to incorporate them in your daily routine. Attend one of Heidi's presentations and come away with a glimpse into a fascinating world that she makes accessible to all!" -Tei S

After arriving, we will sip some herbal tea together and get to know each other a bit, then wander through Heidi's medicinal herb garden and sample various plants. Find out what healing they offer. Your senses will come alive as you smell, taste, touch, look and listen. Learn how to make an herbal product or food dish. Take something home. The food that Heidi creates with herbs, such as goat cheese rolled in herbs, and a rose geranium cake, will make your taste buds dance. Besides being delicious they are also healing. An herbal inspired organic lunch is provided. 

Sample menu- you will be eating some of the following:

  • Rose scented geranium cake and muffins
  • Rosemary and pansy infused in white grape juice (nice in wine too when you get home)
  • Savory sand crumble (feels like sand but tastes delicious on salads, rice, soup....and so good for you!)
  • Trout lily ringing the salad bowel with dandelion greens and Violet leaves in the center served with Herbal vinegar
  • Herb infused honey (come make your own)
  • Harvest collection and getting ready to make remedies
  • Burdock Sprouts!?
  • Nettles out of the freezer, melting a beautiful nutrient rich green water… for the spring green soup
  • Rhubarb cooked down with a little water and honey flavored with sweet cicely and lemon balm.
  • Can be a pre-scheduled tour already on our calendar, or a pop-up tour. Pop up tours usually happen when guests to the Mad River Valley arrive and just find out about our tours. As long as we aren't already booked, we can create a new tour for your group. Minimum 4 people, maximum 15. $99 per person.